Current Problems at the Playground

West Portal Playground space is heavily used by many groups, including a San Francisco Parks and Recreation afterschool program. There is a large field, a clubhouse, and a metal play structure with sand floor. Because of its age, constant use, and deferred maintenance, it is in disrepair.  There are numerous structural and design problems with the playground that limit the usability of the playground to children and community members.  Much of the equipment has been removed, including the water fountain.  There are shards of glass and other debris which must be swept out the sand on a daily basis.  The planter boxes, which once beautified the space, have been capped for leakage issues.   There is limited seating at the playground, no shade structures for the ever more present sunny days, and no  park signage.

Although the clubhouse is used at night, there is very little to no lighting.  We can do better.

 The playground has received an "F" rating from the city of San Francisco.